DateAugust 15, 2015

Starts3:00 pm

Ends2:00 am

VenueSpin Nightclub

Location2028 Hancock St, San Diego, California 92110

StatusNo Cover Before 4pm

In a lush garden above the city streets, there is an oasis with the sultry beats of house and techno.

Welcome to Eden…the sexiest, rooftop party in Southern California.

Feel yourself get transported to another place when you’re in our paradise under the sun and the stars. Watch art as it is being created. Relax and get a sensual massage. Get mesmerized by the rhythmic moves of our dancers. And dance to the seductive beats of our talented DJs.

Eden is a place where you can let your hair down and be free. A place where community, friendship and acceptance are celebrated. A place where you can recharge your batteries by soaking in the positive vibes.

Because of you…Eden is returning to the rooftop at Spin in San Diego and we’re going till 2am. Release your inhibitions and let’s make this another amazing party.

Meet the unique community of people that has shared its time, talent and beauty to create Eden:

Dj Lineup:

Chris Liosi
Paul B
Nicky Valentino
Stefan Cukic [Esperanta/Lima-Peru]
Tony K Themaninpink
Memo & Rex
Bass Exotic

Stage, lighting and event design by Sean Cisterna, Douglas Chase, Jon Jonathan Jon-Jon Magallon
Speakers by DAS (Spain). Courtesy of Damien Bailey of Pitbull Audio and Josh Caruthers of DAS
Visuals by Claudia Dee
Live art by Natascha Starship Moyer and Jodie Suttle
Sensual massages by Innocent’To Love
Professional photography by Diva Hammad
Eden dancers: Hanna Whittington, Gabriel Hollypeño Teetee VincentSkyler Sandoval and Lakshmi Devi, Rain Tu
Eden logo and flyer by Ivan Kim-Castellanos
Food provided by Safehouse Itziyaka from North Park.

3-4pm…. No cover
4-9pm…. $10
after 9pm $15

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Episode 9 – Guest Mix by J-Sin
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