Bounce Sundays

Bounce Sundays

Bounce Sundays

DateJune 21, 2015

Starts3:00 pm

Ends10:00 pm

VenueProspect Bar & Grill

Location1025 Prospect St #210, La Jolla, CA 92037

StatusNo Cover | 21+

The 44Beats Resident DJs will be taking this week off from providing music at bounce but we are still co-hosting and happy to be a part of these weekly events all summer long.

BOUNCE was created with the intention of the creating a space for House Music loving people in an beautiful environment. House Music with the emphasis on House, Deep Tech and G House that creates the unique vibe that is Bounce. In Heart of La Jolla, Prospect Bar and Grill’s Terrace is a outdoor setting with an amazing view and vibe.

Joining us this week is DJs

Travis Emmons

Schugar – The Infusion Project

Jon Doss

Michael Lepiere

Bounce Resident Chris Liosi

On Percussion
Drummer John

Bounce Sundays was Created by Chris Liosi , Drummer John an Paul Bubendorf in 2014 for the purpose of having a day time event where people can listen and dance to House Music in a beautiful space with a great view.

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