Tony Lee

Tony Lee
Artist Name
Tony Lee
House Music
Year Of Activity
Since 2005

Tony Lee  Biography

Tony Lee was first introduced to the San Diego House Music and DJ scene back around 2004 and made his debut behind the decks @ Red C Lounge (San Diego) in 2005. In April 2010 Tony Lee & Sean Wilson came together to create 44Beats and have been working to be a value to the house music scene ever since. Tony has performed at a handful of clubs throughout San Diego and has had the chance to play in a few other cities such as Las Vegas and San Francisco. Tony’s past residencies include venues such as Jack’s La Jolla, El Camino & Bar Dynamite and has been a member of San Diego Based DJ Crews Get Down Society & The Blk Ink Collective.

Tony’s musical inspirations come for years of visiting special guest DJ performances at venues around his home town San Diego along with numerous trips to the Winter Music Conference in Miami, pool sides & night clubs throughout Las Vegas, multiple visits to Burning Man and time spent vacationing in Ibiza.

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