Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson
House Music
Year Of Activity
Since 2003

Sean Wilson  Biography

In late 2003 Sean started his journey as a club DJ and became a resident DJ in Downtown San Diego with a weekly event put on by Lifted Entertainment featuring monthly guest DJs from OM Records. As the Co-founder of 44Beats (along with past DJ crews as Blk Ink Collective & Get Down Society) Sean has found himself currently working with like minded DJs and having the pleasure of including live musicians, art, dancers and other forms of entertainment all infused into his DJ sets.
Sean enjoys playing deep and soulful when placed in a lounge setting, techy and minimal when playing larger dance floor. There are no limits to Sean’s sound and each set is guaranteed to include house classics, underground and mainstream hits and just about anything with soulful vocals backed with a rolling funky bass line.  Since his start, Sean has opened up for and featured on the same bill as many top hitters such as Kaskade, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Doc Martin, DJ Sneak, Andy Caldwell, Deep Dish, Morgan Page and the list goes on. Sean has played all along the west coast from his home town San Diego to parties cities such as Los Angeles, Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle. He has held numerous residencies around San Diego at venues such as Onyx Room, Jack’s La Jolla (closed), Airport Lounge (Closed), El Camino, Bar Dynamite and will continue to rock dance floors & soon move into producing songs to inspire other house music and electronic dance music lovers alike!

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