Paul Bubendorf

Paul Bubendorf
Artist Name
Paul B
House Music
Year Of Activity
Since 2011

Paul Bubendorf  Biography

Paul Bubendorf (Aka DJ Paul B)  spent years crafting his DJ skill sets and sound behind the scenes before making his debut as a club DJ in 2011. Even though Paul may still be considered “fresh” his mixes are seamless, he has a superior track selection and can keep a crowd moving. Paul has been an elemental member of the Southern California house music scene for decades before deciding to be an active DJ. For the past 20 plus years Paul has frequented the dance floors in support of local and headlining DJs up and down the West Coast and Vegas. Paul is a true friend and loyal dancer for all of the upcoming and established talent that his home town of San Diego has to offer. Due to Paul’s willingness to travel and venture out to clubs and festivals, he has been a witness to and inspired by some of the house music greats from around the world.

Paul has had the chance to play a verity of staple house music venues in San Diego such as AC Lounge, Kava lounge, Bar Dynamite & a few day parties such as Re:Fresh. Paul’s first residency was being a rotating guest at GrooveTech Sundays (Bar Dynamite 2011 to 2012)  and he is currently one of the Official Resident DJs at Bounce La Jolla (a summer long weekly event at Prospect Bar & Grill in La Jolla, CA)

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